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Bagel News for the Week

We offer deliveries on Sunday mornings in East Nashville. All orders close the Friday before the delivery date. Please be aware there is a 12 dollar minimum on orders.

Bagels are now available for pickup at Citizens Kitchen in East Nashville from 2-5 every Friday. When you arrive make sure to call/text 508-237-2716.

For customers wanting their bagels shipped, please allow one week for your order to be processed and made to be sent out to you.

Ordering Instructions:

Click the button below to preorder for delivery and pickup. Please place your orders before noon on Thursday for Friday pickups. For delivery, orders close on Friday.

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As a new customer, I can say the bagels are delicious and the customer experience is out of this world. 10 out of 10: Would recommend


If you're thinking about ordering and you haven't, you really should! These are the best bagels I've had in years.


I'm picky about New York bagels but these taste AMAZING!